Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

By Patty Jenkins

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2020-12-25
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2h 31min
  • Director: Patty Jenkins
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 5.99


Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing a wide array of foes including: Max Lord and The Cheetah.


  • Good but flawed

    By RebelsIntel
    Some plot points and a lack of action cause the movie to not be as great as the first, but amazing acting performances, brilliant visuals, and an emotional story lift it to being a good movie still.
  • Disaster

    By Spunki783
    Complete disaster. Writers should all be fired for such a horrible movie
  • Eh

    By juju 1276245
    I like it but it looks fake I know it should but it looks like so un real
  • Have to pass

    By Metalpuck
    Too many bad reviews. Sadly i won’t be getting this.
  • Heart On Her Sleeve

    By Dr. Phan
    What a wonder! Not just a one-sided character. Fighter, lover, dreamer. To criticize this movie is to acknowledge some ignorance to the real intent of this film, which is a welcoming detour.
  • A bad sequel

    By Dr_b_
    a nicely produced film with fantastic fx can not save the bad acting and absurd plot. Feel like it was dumbed down for some reason, for some audience. it attempts to moralize. Perfect movie for 12 year olds, otherwise avoid it. it did not live up to the original, in any way, which was a good movie. This is trash to cash grab.
  • Give it up, Warner/DC...your smokescreen isn’t working!!

    By BabeRufus
    Cut your losses (which have been huge enough already for this flop)! It’s amazing how much the accolades for this sequel compare to the first one lol. Apparently Warner/DC think the more marketing they throw at us (including an initial $19.99 RENTAL price from iTunes...lol...SERIOUSLY??), the more people will be convinced to watch a movie that has a pretty weak average critics’ review rating and even a far worse viewers’ rating (usually it’s the other way around...obviously critics were paid off to rate it as high as they did). Well, I’m not falling for it...not gonna watch it 👎
  • This was better than they make you believe

    By AJ.M2
    This movies is better than people have given it credit for. Was it on par with the first? No. Was it still good? Yeah. Its a middle story that closes the Steve Trever relationship. Also, it’s like ya’ll never read a DC comic.
  • Not Worth My Time, Truly.

    By rork1975
    Plot was ok, but execution was a major disappointment. Honestly, a lot of lines in the script are embarrassing, while everything flows unremarkably. The movie is excruciatingly long, especially because it never find its pace. I purchased it, trying to ignore all the bad reviews, but that was a mistake. After watching the first Wonder Woman, I was expecting much more epicness from this sequel, with at least a decent characterization of the people involved in the story and some moments to remember. WW 1984 has no soul...or rhythm. More than one scene looked pretty cheesy and I couldn't believe some of the choices made by the director. Another thing that bothered me was that 99% of the men on screen were stereotypical brainless turds, abusers, alcoholics, delusional and corrupted psychos, mostly depicted in a shallow way. Every promising element of the movie was put together so poorly, that the final product truly fails to engage or connect with the audience. My family and I sat trough the whole thing, but it was painful (an hour into the movie, and we were already checking how much was left.) Video and sound quality are good, but the rest is AWFUL. I can't believe they were able to mess up the one DC character that worked so beautifully the first time.

    By bigbot4d
    I dont know what was going through their heads when they made this movie. I want my money back. Story was pure garbage. So disappointing.