Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

By Tommy Lee Wallace

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release Date: 1982-10-22
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 38min
  • Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


Producer John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) presents the third chilling installment in the shocking Halloween collection. When a terrified toy salesman is mysteriously attacked and brought to the hospital, babbling and clutching the year's most popular Halloween costume, an eerie pumpkin mask, doctor Daniel Challis is thrust into a terrifying Halloween nightmare. Working with the salesman's daughter, Ellie, Daniel traces the mask to the Silver Shamrock Novelties company and its founder, Conal Cochran. Ellie and Daniel uncover Cochran's shocking Halloween plan and must stop him before trick-or-treaters across the country never come home in this terrifying thriller.


  • Bring Rob Zombies Halloween II

    By GamerCraftMCPE
    I’d rather watch Rob Zombies Halloween II (2009) than watch this piece of s*it. If you can bring back Rob Zombies Halloween II (2009) that would be so appreciative!
  • The poster is the only great thing about this pathetic movie

    By Tony 2Toes
    If it actually had the Witch from the poster, it might actually have some potential. It’s not even close to good. This is false advertising at its best.
  • H3

    By wasteoftimeforsure
    Ok so first of all I’m a huge Halloween fan and I’ve watched every Movie and first off all why all the hate? Well I don’t hat this film I just think people hated it because it didn’t have Michael in it. Now yes I know what you’re going to say, but before you write a nasty review about this movie let me convince you it’s a really good movie. First off it’s it’s a great movie and you should definitely watch it now I know it sticks out like a sore thumb but if ya want to enjoy it, watch it after all the films. So watch them in this order⬇️ 1:H1 2:H2 3:H4 4:H5 5:H6 or the curse of Michael Myers 6:H20 or Halloween 20 years later 7:H8 or Halloween resurrection Then after you’ve watched them in this order that I, recommend⬆️(up there) Then watch H3. And after watch The rob zombie films (If you hate your eyes, and yourself) then watch the 2018 remake. So yeah Halloween 3 is a good film but it doesn’t go together with the original series of movies so yes I do recommend this one it’s a good film, just give it a chance and don’t listen to rotten tomatoes. Rotten tomatoes even called The joker movie awful, but it won ATON of awards. So yeah give this a chance.
  • So good

    By Chechnya cc
    Love it, one my favorite movies
  • 🤦‍♂️

    By D.Matichko_16
  • A hidden gem.

    By Toneranger19
    No, this does not include Michael Myers, but it’s is a fantastic movie. Believe it or not it has a small cult following and I am definitely one of the biggest fans. You must take it for what it’s worth. I would put this in my top 5 horror movies of al time.
  • Worst of the series

    By Toad and Ray Cheesey
    Micheal Myers isn’t even in this one! It’s so trash! And what was up with the yolk coming out of people when they died? That just made it even weirder! I watch movies to relax and ignore the world for 2 hours, but this one was just painfully bad. I turned it off halfway through. It wasn’t entertaining at all. How do you make 2 legendary movies like Halloween and Halloween II and then ruin it all with this movie? Don’t waste your money on this garbage.
  • Halloween... More like Hail-the-king!

    By FreeAgent17
    Amirite? This movie is the best Halloween movie period. Not just Halloween the series, any Halloween movie ever.

    By manosdepiedra58
    If there is no michael myers then i aint interested!!
  • Halloween 3: Review

    By Landon Manbearpig Miller
    Why is Halloween 3 considered to be the outcast of the series?...Well, it doesn't have Michael Myers. Yes, you read that correctly. After filming Halloween 2, the producers wanted to turn the franchise into a anthology series and for each film to have it’s own different story, starting with Halloween 3. However, because of the negative reception, Halloween 3 is the only Halloween movie to have that concept. Rumor has it that if this concept for the series continued, Halloween 4 would've been a ghost story. Halloween 3 bombed at the box office and was hated by both fans and critics, which is why every other Halloween movie since this one continued the Michael Myers storyline. This movie is about an evil toy company called Silver Shamrock that sells masks with computer chips laced on the masks with stonehedge dust on the chip. When a person wearing the mask is watching "The Big Giveaway", the Silver Shamrock masks would activate the computer chip and kill the person watching the program and wearing the mask at the same time. Complicated? Definitely! Nevertheless, this is an underrated 80s horror film checking out. It’s time for people to give Halloween 3 another watch, just ignore the fact it’s under the Halloween name and maybe you’ll enjoy it! Rating: 4 Stars