My Cousin Vinny

My Cousin Vinny

By Jonathan Lynn

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1992-03-13
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 59min
  • Director: Jonathan Lynn
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


Two carefree pals (Ralph Macchio and Mitchell Whitfield) traveling through Alabama are mistakenly arrested, and charged with murder. Fortunately, one of them has a cousin who's a lawyer - Vincent Gambini (Joe Pesci), a former auto mechanic from Brooklyn who just passed his bar exam after his sixth try. Vinny's never been in court - or in Alabama - and when he arrives with his leather-clad girlfriend (Marisa Tomei in her Oscar® winning Supporting Actress performance), to try his first case, it's a real shock - for him and the Deep South!


  • I killed the clerk!!

    By carl hemmings
    Oh this is just one of my all time favorite it’s funny well made great story a guy from New York goes to the south to defend them in a courtroom just absolutely the funniest thing,language !! It’s not for kids or people who would rather not hear it ,other that that just straight up funny
  • Rudy Giuliani’s favorite movie too quote

    By Yazz213
    Rudy Giuliani’s favorite movie too quote during a 1.5 hour press conference where is spouts ridiculous conspiracy theory’s and makes a fool of himself and doufas lawyers that stand with him. It’s a real tragedy that he had to quote a fantastic movie. 🥴
  • Can’t get enough of this movie

    By Langy98
    First saw this movie with my dad when I was just 10 lol and I love it tons to this day and own it on vhs dvd and on Apple TV every time it comes on tv I tell my dad put it on so we can watch it cause it’s one of our favorite movies ever
  • Funny movie.

    By Dhcprouter
    Joe Pesci not being a kill everyone mobster is a refreshing change for him. Marissa Tomei was a good fit for his gf/fiancé. I loved the judge (subsequently died after the movie was released) he was a great actor and deserves respect for the multiple characters he has been. Great flick.

    FRIDAY FE 3 14 (2020)
  • Great

    By Exotic_Butter175
    This movie is not that bad like age rating it is R because of language I highly suggest it.
  • The best

    By Rishi Rawat
    This movie is one of my favorites.
  • So stinking funny

    By Carmelites Desire
    This is one of my all time favorite movies ever!
  • They don't make movies like this any more

    By jroman1090
    Enough said
  • Hilarious movie

    By WP7200
    Loved it.. Hilarious and must watch. I must have watched it atleast 20 times since it was released.