Law & Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit), Season 17

Law & Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit), Season 17

Law & Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit)

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2015-09-23
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 23
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99


Coming off a gripping 16th season that included a massive crossover with the heroic teams of "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D.," the longest-running primetime drama on television once again proved it’s still got plenty of tricks up its sleeve. In the squad room, emotions ran high with the arrival of brash detective Carisi, Amaro’s second chance at redemption during an undercover assignment, Fin’s promotion to second-in-command and the reveal of Rollins’ secret past. In the courtroom, ADA Barba continued to prove himself a valuable asset. And at the helm of it all, Sergeant Olivia Benson juggled her duties to the unit with becoming a foster mother. This season, expect buzz worthy guest stars and a steady supply of cutting edge, of-the-moment stories ripped from today’s most newsworthy headlines.


Title Time Price
1 Devil's Dissections 41:08 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Criminal Pathology 42:44 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Transgender Bridge 42:04 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
4 Institutional Fail 42:26 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
5 Community Policing 42:50 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
6 Maternal Instincts 42:32 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
7 Patrimonial Burden 42:33 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
8 Melancholy Pursuit 42:48 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
9 Depravity Standard 42:04 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
10 Catfishing Teacher 41:15 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
11 Townhouse Incident 42:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
12 A Misunderstanding 42:48 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
13 Forty-One Witnesses 42:28 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
14 Nationwide Manhunt 41:45 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
15 Collateral Damages 42:52 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
16 Star-Struck Victims 42:49 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
17 Manhattan Transfer 42:15 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
18 Unholiest Alliance 42:39 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
19 Sheltered Outcasts 41:29 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
20 Fashionable Crimes 42:11 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
21 Assaulting Reality 41:31 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
22 Intersecting Lives 41:11 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
23 Heartfelt Passages 41:13 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes


  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By Jess5121
    I love the show so much! I love the cast! Every episode is different but the same and I love it!!!! Keep it up! Dick Wolf has a brilliant mind to create so many great shows!
  • Afro Lawyer

    By Madkeb
    Have always been a huge SVU fan, but the guest actors cast for the support roles are going downhill quickly. The lawyer with an afro on 41 Witnesses is a horrible actor.
  • Best Show I’ve Ever Seen

    By avamcd123
  • Seasons 2, 3 and 4

    By daksrk8842
    iTunes, please make seasons 2, 3 and 4 available!!!
  • Best Show Ever!!!

    By Skylar schwartz
    SVU is honestly the best show in the world. Every week gets more and more interesting. For a show that's been on for 17 seasons u never get sick of it. The main character Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) is amazing and plays her role perfectly (considering she's been doing this for 17 years she must be doing a pretty good job!) I honestly recommend this to anyone who loves any type of cop show. Even if you don't give it a shot! I would recommend this only to 13+ because there is some inappropriate stuff. I give this 5 stars because it's honestly amazing and gets you so hooked and sitting on the edge of your seat the entire episode. Please take your Wednesday nights to watch this it's worth it!!! U will b hooked by 1 episode!!! #SVU
  • Strong cast chemistry, scripting to match

    By jayrusovich
    Season 17 starts out strong, two serial killers lives intertwined, victims all over the place…literally. Every role is played with passion and integrity, as if this were a real life drama captured in real time, and then edited for pace and intensity. As a TV fanatic, i find myself fast-forwarding through scenes in many shows that feel more like filler, like the producers and writers couldn’t decide what to do so they all went to lunch. In SVU, this never, ever happens. Every scene is critical to the furthering of the plot. There are no empty spaces. Few shows are this good, if you have a stomach for this level of physical and emotional violence, which, despite its nature, are handled with care.
  • Love the new season!

    By Jsa1192
    Loving the new season so far I can tell it's going to be great! :D Especially with all that's happening. Hope they make more seasons of SVU after this but I'm sure they will since it is SVU ;) Can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Great TV-Show!

    By Monkey 37,5
    I’m a huge fan of Law & Order: SVU and I’m happy it only costs 25$ :). Although Amaro left I’m looking forward to this Season, but it would be nice to have both parts of the season premiere and not only the second one.